Safety+Satisfaction since 2008.

Imediat Services founded : 2008

CEO and Founder: Sandrine Michel

Experience: Over 25 years

Expert in the practices handed down from the “Grande Remise” (professional chauffeurs), combining these academic methods and know-how with modern-day agility.

Imediat Services differentiates itself from the new players (ride-sharing) with a long history and Premium Transportation positioning in its DNA.

Leader in Logistics Solutions and Premium Transport.

A network of Affiliated Imediat Services Partners : locally and worldwide

Thanks to the quality of the services it provides, Imediat Services’ loyal clients include : Embassies, International Press Offices, World-Class Sports Clubs, Biotechnology Research Laboratories, Modeling Agencies, University Hospitals and the Directors of Merchant Banks.

Paris, Headquarters:
66, Avenue des Champs-Elysées
75008 Paris, France

Email : reservation@imediat-you.com
Direct Line : +33 (0)
WhatsApp : +33 (0)



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