Imediat Services provides support for those who create and organize private, professional or official events.

Specialized and experienced in offering services to VIPs, we provide guidance and coordination for events and hospitality professionals, handling a number of logistical aspects for them, such as : reception, transfers, roadshows…

A dedicated Tour Leader oversees and is accountable for the smooth running of the entire operation.



The VIP drivers are responsible for the safety and comfort of the people they transport as well as punctuality. They speak english or italian, spanish, german, chinese, on demand. All the Drivers are selected for their technical command and social and interpersonal skills. They can provide straightforward transfers, from A to B, according to a predefined schedule, or can be available for your Guests for any duration required.

responsable général du projet événementiel, interlocuteur préférentiel, supervise tout le staff événementiel


The Tour Leader is the project Manager. Your onsite point of contact, she oversees all the Coordinators (each in charge of a specific task). A ‘step-by-step’ supervision allows real-time confirmation of the smooth running of your program. She is your designated intermediary for the duration of the Event.


Our Technical support is reliable, coordinated and in contact with a wide network of tried and tested, professional contractors. He takes care of the reservation of restaurants, hotels, conference rooms and sets up marquee furniture or lecterns and all other materials and equipment required. Each of these procedures is planned by the Tour Leader in the overall schedule.

responsable du bon déroulement de vos opérations événementielles, supervise pour vous les équipes mandatées


The Coordinator, on-site and entirely dedicated to your specific mission, is the person in charge of its smooth running. She coaches and supervises all the Teams involved (Events Hostesses, Greeters, Drivers, Security Guards etc), anticipates any possible contingencies and reacts to any frequent or exceptional problems. She is in direct contact with your Tour Leader and reports to him at every stage.

accompagnateur de guests, guide professionnel diplômé d'état, bilingue


The Private Guide accompanies your clients on their visits and excursions.
Highly-professional and the holder of a state-registered diploma, he reveals the historical secrets of the most magnificent cultural sites, in a lively and well-documented manner, adding an exciting new dimension to every tour.
The Tour Leader plans his contribution in the overall program.


The Events Hostess, as well as having impeccable manners and appearance, is trained and experienced in working with the most demanding of VIPs. She greets, guides and accompanies your Guests in the language of your choice (French, English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish or Italian).The Coordinator supervises the Hostess and her Team Members.

Accueil sous douane VIP, facilitations des formalités, parcours dans l'aérogare, professionnel événementiel


The Greeter welcomes your Guests inside customs, assists with customs formalities and accompanies them through the airport terminal to their awaiting vehicle. He forms part of the ‘Transfer’ Team which also includes Hostesses, Drivers and Security Staff as well as a dedicated Baggage Team.

l'interprète intervient dans un cadre professionnel ou privé, maîtrise langues étrangères appliquées


The Interpreter operates with the same precision and discretion in both professional and private contexts. We don’t call on the same Interpreter to negotiate a contract or to accompany your client on a medical trip, we choose one who masters not only the language (English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Italian) but also the relevant technical vocabulary : medical, IT, economic...

l'agent de protection rapprochée veille à la sécurité et à la sûreté d'une personne désignée, rapide et efficace


The Security Guard ensures the Safety and Security of a designated person.
He inspects any vehicles provided for your Guest following specific procedures. By conducting regular, discreet searches, he ensures the ‘transparency’ of independent contractors. He masters the techniques of personal protection (self-defense) and intervenes quickly, discreetly and efficiently. Bilingual English bodyguards are available on request.


The Personal Shopper assists your clients during their shopping sessions.
Familiar with the latest trends, he listens to and understands your Guest’s tastes and feelings. He can book a dressing room in one of the biggest Fashion Houses and commission the services of the best advisors on the premises. He is also able to negotiate the privatization of a Boutique. Alternatively, he can do your shopping for you, according to your instructions.


All other profiles are available on request.



From sedans to limousines, from armored vehicles to coaches of every size… All our vehicles are selected to guarantee Safety, Comfort, Style and Discretion. To this end, we count Mercedes as one of our partners, as well as Land Rover.

mise à disposition de vaisselle, traiteur, logistique événementielle


A range of experts in culinary arts and gastronomy are available, spanning a wide spectrum of styles and all selected and assessed for their refined taste and professionalism. Grand cru tastings, live workshops… Anything is possible.

Mise à disposition équipements techniques événements professionnels, privés, officiels


Imediat Services can provide all the technical equipment necessary for your event’s speeches, presentations, performances and entertainment. From microphones to spotlights, from overhead projectors to temporary stage... We can handle all your demands.

Location décorations florales et végétales congrès, séminaires, événements privés


To brighten your Guest’s reception areas with a decorative and natural touch, Imediat Services relies on trusted, well-stocked partners. Whatever style you are looking for, you can count on us to provide the finest specimens.

Marquage objets aux couleurs de votre société et de votre événement logistique événementielle


For Guests accustomed to exceptional Events, it’s all about the finer details. Imediat Services lets you meet their high expectations by offering to brand anything you need in the colors of your event : signs, textiles, stationery, event installations, promotional items etc.

Location de mobilier événements privés, professionnels, officiels, logistique


Imediat Services can supply your event with all the furniture you need to host your Guests in style and in comfort. classic or contemporary, outdoor or indoor, at your disposal we have : bar tables, pedestal tables, tables, seats, marquees, desks, etc.


How to assist in the smooth running of
a medical trip.

illustration du voyage médical


A child is suffering from a chronic illness requiring a protocol of hospital care twice a week.

The family only speaks her mother tongue.

They are staying in Paris for medical reasons.

The family enlists the help of a medical concierge Service who organizes the whole trip for them : appointments, accommodation, care, airline tickets…

This medical concierge Service relies on Imediat Services to manage the entire ground transportation aspect of the stay.


Provision of a vehicle adapted to the care of the child to be transported (oxygen kit etc.).

Imediat Services reserves a V-Class at the client’s request.

Provision of an Interpreter to translate for the nursing staff, the child and his carers.

How to combine personal and professional expectations during a business trip.

Illustration du voyage d'affaires


The CEO and founder of an american company with a fast-growing European presence is coming to Paris to sign a number of contracts with local partners.

He will also take the opportunity to meet his local representatives.

The president does not wish to check in his baggage and needs his dry-cleaning to be taken care of on arrival.

Length of stay : 48 hours.

The president’s personal assistant uses a Business travel agency for airline and hotel reservations.

Imediat Services assists him by managing the president’s roadshow.


Imediat Services reviews the president’s schedule.

Designation of an english-speaker Driver with experience in accompanying VIPs and a Class-S Mercedes.

The Driver is informed of any logistics he has to manage (the president’s dry cleaning) while he is on standby.

Imediat Services’ scheduling officer notes a complication in the current schedule due to traffic problems observed in the area.

The Imediat Services officer anticipates this and informs the executive assistant.

They smooth out the organization of the president’s program together.

How to facilitate an official delegation’s stay.

Illustration exemple déplacement vip


A ministry of foreign affairs is organizing a delegation’s state visit for a formal meeting in Paris.

The embassy has reserved flights and accommodation for the members of the delegation but is relying on Imediat Services for all their transfers in situ.

The minister’s presence necessitates Personal Protection and the use of an Armored Vehicle.

The delegation and its attendants are travelling with a large amount of luggage of different shapes and sizes.

The minister is travelling with his wife and his three children.

Length of stay : 1 week.

The minister would like his wife and children as well as their staff to make the most of Paris while the inter-ministerial meeting is taking place : shopping, visits, trips to Deauville and Disneyland Paris.


Before the trip, Drivers are selected and briefed to synchronize personal and professional transfers and allow for a reasonable margin.

Luggage is entrusted to a dedicated baggage handler who delivers them to the baggage van then the baggage van sets off (to arrive at the hotel before the minister and his family).
The luggage is left with a Bodyguard.

The minister, his family, his staff and political stakeholders are picked up by specialist convoy drivers.

Certain vehicles in the fleet remain at the disposal of the official members of the delegation for the duration of their stay.

Others are made available for the minister’s wife, her children and their staff for their private trips.

Imediat Services provides a schedule of excursions within Paris.

Imediat Services reserves a privatized spa session at Carita for the Minister’s wife.

Imediat Services books the best tables for lunch in Paris and dinner without her husband.

Imediat Services selects a Personal Shopper who privatizes dressing rooms in Paris’s biggest fashion houses.

Imediat Services organizes a day trip to Deauville (restaurant, shopping, an overnight stay in a hotel in Normandy).

Imediat Services organizes a day at Disneyland Paris (restaurant, rides and tailor-made shows for the children).

How to guarantee the transfert of 200 guests during an internation conference.

illustration exemple congrès et conférences


A pharmaceutical group is organizing it annual congress in Berlin where its headquarters are based.

Most of the Guests are arriving by train and airplane from Europe, others are arriving from the USA. They are all staying in the same hotel.

A dedicated Business travel agency books the reception venue, the plane tickets and accommodation for the Guests and employees.

Actual duration of the operation : 5 hours.

The pharmaceutical group entrusts us with the logistics of lunch and transport for the event.


Some guests receive VIP treatment and are taken care of individually (S-class).

The other Guests are transported in small groups (V-class) in medium-sized premium Coaches.

Beforehand, the Coordinator ensures his team of Drivers are present.

He organizes the parking of vehicles on standby (blocking roads at the airport terminal or parking in coach parks) and synchronizes passenger pick-up according to their assigned status and vehicles.

The Greeters welcome the VIP employees inside customs and assist them with entry procedures (passengers arriving from the USA).

The Greeters and Drivers keep each other informed of the progress of the Guests to transport.

The Dedicated Coordinator supplies all the information necessary for their shared mission to run smoothly.

The Hostesses welcome the Guests, count them and tick their names off the lists provided by Imediat Services, before leading them to their vehicles.

The service ends once all the Guests are dropped off at the hotel and have been greeted by the concierge.

Imediat services ensures logistics at the reception venue and books catering, furniture and objects branded for the Event.

Imediat Services organizes all the staffing : Hostesses, Waitresses, Photographers, Videographers, Florists and an Interpreter for the russian employees.