How to spend an ideal stay in Paris.


An American family loves Paris for personal reasons and has a habit of visiting the city every year.

They wish to make each week-long stay a trip to remember.

They have specific tastes but also appreciate the unexpected.

Shopping, culinary experiences, a visit to Giverny, cultural events, the couple have decided on some activities but would like some guidance in their selection.


Our Consulting Team creates a program that takes into account the American family’s tastes (adults and children) and set budget.

Imediat Services suggests activities that combine the family’s favorite past experiences with new ones.

Reservations are booked after consultation with the family and some modifications.

A Mercedes V-Class and Driver are made available for the duration of the stay.

How to ensure transportation of a press office during Fashion Week.


An international media company, a world leader in luxury, covers all global events related to fashion and culture : Fashion Weeks in Paris, New York, London and Milan.

The group’s journalists and press office travel around the world and attend events that attract large crowds, making travel and reservations a challenge.


Imediat Services oversees the organization of its Teams’ transport.

Imediat Services studies and optimizes each journalist’s schedule and estimates the fleet required.

Imediat Services makes sure an adequate number of vehicles and bilingual Drivers are available for the journalists, regardless of the period.

When planning schedules and routes, our team take into account any exceptional traffic conditions.

The Tour Leader assigns tasks to each Driver the day before each event.

Imediat Services coordinates, monitors and modifies the media company’s programs and the team of Driver’s programs.

Imediat Services provides the editor-in-chief’s usual Driver.


How to ensure safety on each trip.


A royal family from a country in the Persian Gulf is going to Paris to settle a delicate situation involving the Football Club it owns.

The Prince’s logistics team requires the highest level of security, including the presence of Bodyguards for the entire journey.


Selection of specialized Staff : female officers for the women in the Royal Family and male officers for the men.

Selection, inspection and reservation of Armored Vehicles.

Imediat Services briefs the Teams of Drivers and Bodyguards (to ensure coordination and eliminate any potential problems).

Imediat Services coordinates and synchronizes all the family members’ logistics and transport.

In constant contact with the Team of Drivers, Imediat Services ensures everything runs smoothly for the royal family, from the first pick-up to their safe return home.


How to ensure an efficient same-day return trip.


A busy businesswoman based in La Défense needs to optimize her time and energy on a daily basis.

Her agenda is continually evolving due to changing priorities.

She is expected urgently in London for a decision requiring her approval.

The Team who manages her program on a permanent basis relies on Imediat Services to guarantee the best conditions of service.


The Paris office organizes every stage:

Studies the program

Books a private jet for the return Le Bourget-London flight and anticipates waiting times.

Provides a vehicle and Driver for the transfer between La Défense and Le Bourget.

Via our London office, Imediat Services provides a Driver and vehicle for the businesswoman, that will wait for her at the english airport, drive her to the City of London, wait for her and drive her back to the airport.

The Private Jet waiting on the runway flies the manager back to Paris where a Driver awaits her.

How to meet the daily
transport and logistics
of a VIP.


The artistic director of a major parisian fashion House owns an SUV but cannot drive and does not speak French.

He has to travel extremely frequently to Paris, the USA and the provinces, on weekends as well as weekdays, for personal and professional reasons.

He also needs someone to take care of his housekeeping : groceries, laundry, medication.

This public figure has to travel with a lot of luggage, his staff and his pets.

He does not want to waste time at the airport on customs formalities.

The VIP’s personal assistant is overwhelmed by the constant changes to the program and has entrusted his boss’s transportation to Imediat Services.


Select a bilingual Driver with a patient and understanding profile.

Brief the Driver on the VIP’s housekeeping requirements (which he will handle between trips) and his preferences (brand of water, make of candy, newspapers, blankets for his pets etc.)

Provide a dedicated luxury vehicle for trips within Paris.
At weekends, the Driver will drive and take care of his boss’s SUV.

Imediat Services optimizes flight dates and travel itineraries to avoid traffic and airport delays (Greeter inside customs, baggage van).

How to assist in the smooth running of
a medical trip.

illustration du voyage médical


A child is suffering from a chronic illness requiring a protocol of hospital care twice a week.

The family only speaks her mother tongue.

They are staying in Paris for medical reasons.

The family enlists the help of a medical concierge Service who organizes the whole trip for them : appointments, accommodation, care, airline tickets…

This medical concierge Service relies on Imediat Services to manage the entire ground transportation aspect of the stay.


Provision of a vehicle adapted to the care of the child to be transported (oxygen kit etc.).

Imediat Services reserves a V-Class at the client’s request.

Provision of an Interpreter to translate for the nursing staff, the child and his carers.

How to combine personal and professional expectations during a business trip.

Illustration du voyage d'affaires


The CEO and founder of an american company with a fast-growing European presence is coming to Paris to sign a number of contracts with local partners.

He will also take the opportunity to meet his local representatives.

The president does not wish to check in his baggage and needs his dry-cleaning to be taken care of on arrival.

Length of stay : 48 hours.

The president’s personal assistant uses a Business travel agency for airline and hotel reservations.

Imediat Services assists him by managing the president’s roadshow.


Imediat Services reviews the president’s schedule.

Designation of an english-speaker Driver with experience in accompanying VIPs and a Class-S Mercedes.

The Driver is informed of any logistics he has to manage (the president’s dry cleaning) while he is on standby.

Imediat Services’ scheduling officer notes a complication in the current schedule due to traffic problems observed in the area.

The Imediat Services officer anticipates this and informs the executive assistant.

They smooth out the organization of the president’s program together.

How to facilitate an official delegation’s stay.

Illustration exemple déplacement vip


A ministry of foreign affairs is organizing a delegation’s state visit for a formal meeting in Paris.

The embassy has reserved flights and accommodation for the members of the delegation but is relying on Imediat Services for all their transfers in situ.

The minister’s presence necessitates Personal Protection and the use of an Armored Vehicle.

The delegation and its attendants are travelling with a large amount of luggage of different shapes and sizes.

The minister is travelling with his wife and his three children.

Length of stay : 1 week.

The minister would like his wife and children as well as their staff to make the most of Paris while the inter-ministerial meeting is taking place : shopping, visits, trips to Deauville and Disneyland Paris.


Before the trip, Drivers are selected and briefed to synchronize personal and professional transfers and allow for a reasonable margin.

Luggage is entrusted to a dedicated baggage handler who delivers them to the baggage van then the baggage van sets off (to arrive at the hotel before the minister and his family).
The luggage is left with a Bodyguard.

The minister, his family, his staff and political stakeholders are picked up by specialist convoy drivers.

Certain vehicles in the fleet remain at the disposal of the official members of the delegation for the duration of their stay.

Others are made available for the minister’s wife, her children and their staff for their private trips.

Imediat Services provides a schedule of excursions within Paris.

Imediat Services reserves a privatized spa session at Carita for the Minister’s wife.

Imediat Services books the best tables for lunch in Paris and dinner without her husband.

Imediat Services selects a Personal Shopper who privatizes dressing rooms in Paris’s biggest fashion houses.

Imediat Services organizes a day trip to Deauville (restaurant, shopping, an overnight stay in a hotel in Normandy).

Imediat Services organizes a day at Disneyland Paris (restaurant, rides and tailor-made shows for the children).

How to guarantee the transfert of 200 guests during an internation conference.

illustration exemple congrès et conférences


A pharmaceutical group is organizing it annual congress in Berlin where its headquarters are based.

Most of the Guests are arriving by train and airplane from Europe, others are arriving from the USA. They are all staying in the same hotel.

A dedicated Business travel agency books the reception venue, the plane tickets and accommodation for the Guests and employees.

Actual duration of the operation : 5 hours.

The pharmaceutical group entrusts us with the logistics of lunch and transport for the event.


Some guests receive VIP treatment and are taken care of individually (S-class).

The other Guests are transported in small groups (V-class) in medium-sized premium Coaches.

Beforehand, the Coordinator ensures his team of Drivers are present.

He organizes the parking of vehicles on standby (blocking roads at the airport terminal or parking in coach parks) and synchronizes passenger pick-up according to their assigned status and vehicles.

The Greeters welcome the VIP employees inside customs and assist them with entry procedures (passengers arriving from the USA).

The Greeters and Drivers keep each other informed of the progress of the Guests to transport.

The Dedicated Coordinator supplies all the information necessary for their shared mission to run smoothly.

The Hostesses welcome the Guests, count them and tick their names off the lists provided by Imediat Services, before leading them to their vehicles.

The service ends once all the Guests are dropped off at the hotel and have been greeted by the concierge.

Imediat services ensures logistics at the reception venue and books catering, furniture and objects branded for the Event.

Imediat Services organizes all the staffing : Hostesses, Waitresses, Photographers, Videographers, Florists and an Interpreter for the russian employees.

How to plan private jet trips effectively.


The general manager of a large merchant bank travels around Europe every week and joins his family in Paris every weekend.

In order to save time, this senior manager occasionally holds meetings with his partners and collaborators on the Private Jet he frequently uses.


Every Friday, the merchant banker’s assistant shares his schedule with us.

Imediat Services books the plane and crew for each trip.

Imediat Services organizes a Class-S Mercedes for his ground transfers, regardless of the country.

Imediat Services selects and briefs the most prestigious caterer and service staff for meals and meetings aboard the craft.

How to ensure transport and logistics for a VIP while his assistant is on vacation.


A businessman gives his personal assistant 3 weeks of leave.

However, he has to go to Cannes during the film festival.

His personal assistant has prepared his trip.

Except for an outing at sea that her boss would like to improvise with connections made during his visit.


The personal assistant delegates the maritime excursion to Imediat Services.

Imediat Services proposes a selection of fully-crewed yachts to the businessman.

Imediat Services books his selected boat, organizes transfers between the hotels and the private port of Cannes in a Class-V Mercedes.

How to ensure transfers for a sightseeing tour.


A couple has entrusted a designer travel agency with the organization of their annual holidays.

They are looking for a tailor-made trip to Asia that is off the beaten track.

Their agency creates a 4-leg program including flights, boats, tours, hotels, restaurants and activities.

It relies on Imediat Services to manage and coordinate each phase of ground transport.


Reservation of a Driver and a fully-equipped SUV to accompany the family to Paris-CDG airport and wait for them on their way back.

Brief from our local office for on-site pick-up at Bangkok airport : transfer to their first hotel.

A Driver with a fully-equipped SUV for the Bangkok part of the journey.

Coordination of transfers at the following stages : waiting for the couple at the port or airport, driving them to their hotel ; accompanying them during activities and excursions.