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About Imediat Services

Transportation, VIP Conciergerie services and Event logistic and personnel
are at the heart of our “savoir-faire”.

Imediat Services is a french company
founded in 2008 by Sandrine Michel,
25+ experience.

Service and customer experience have been at the heart of our business for nearly 20 years. We help our members save time in their personal and professional lives by taking care of each of their requests. Imediat Conseil is a true life-saver, providing you with a customized service, from last-minute restaurant reservations to international event planning, to developing customer satisfaction and employee loyalty strategies.



Imediat Services is characterized by the mastery of practices inherited from the « Grande Remise », whose academic methods and know-how are combined with modern agility and applied to all our services and sectors of activity.

Regarding the VIP Transportation activity, Imediat Services differentiates itself from new players (VTC) by its history and its premium transportation positioning inscribed in its DNA.

Imediat services activies are not limited to Paris nor France since we can rely on a trusted network of affiliated partners in the region and around the world.

Thanks to the quality of its services, Imediat Services counts among its loyal customers, embassies, international press services, world-class sports clubs, biotechnology research laboratories, modeling agencies, university hospitals and investment bank managers…


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