Corporate Events

20 years of experience
at the service of your event.

You won’t have twice the chance of a successful corporate event. This is why the Imediat Services experts help you to implement it in all its deployment phases, from its design to its realization, by ensuring you a first-class logistical follow-up.

Seminars, Conventions, International Trade Shows, Freight forwarding, Transport of VIPs: we guarantee unparalleled logistical excellence, support in close partnership with your teams, a permanent point of contact by your side, and attention to detail capable of reassure the most demanding organizers.

Our know-how and our method of organization allow us to **manage missions with high strategic stakes**, tailor-made orders and multiple destinations while optimizing costs.

In addition, you can count on our network of selected affiliates to ensure your requests in more than 400 cities and 90 countries around the world.

Whatever the desired configuration, alongside your Imediat Services referent, all our teams will carefully study your areas of interest and the expectations of your customers to provide you with a tailor-made service, by mobilizing and guaranteeing the coordination of specialized services.


In the case of trade fairs or conferences – the management of your pool of drivers and vehicles is done upstream and respects the timing of your specifications.

Beyond a request for more than 10 vehicles, an information meeting is organized between the drivers and your Imediat Services referent in order to frame the progress of the operation and anticipate the coordination of the teams.

During these services, your Imédiat Services referent is present upstream and in the field with your teams to ensure its smooth running and logistics. Your referent is at your side to offer you all the support you need.
We perform all services in accordance with the best professional practices and in compliance with all applicable legal obligations, in particular those arising from labor law, tax law and social law.

We ensure compliance with the schedules and on-call duties related to the missions of the drivers as well as restrictions relating to accessibility and circulation in the premises of the various sites where they would be called upon to intervene.

Our objective?

Relieve you of the stress of the organization and ensure the success of the company

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